In Alter Hours Rock Radio we have made a transversal radio with all Rock styles.

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There are two important goals to work for:
Underground Rock music & musicians are very important for us, we are focussed in create an underground circuit were all Rock underground artists will be represented.
The most vulnerable groups, promote equality, participation and engagement with culture, education, employment and leisure.
Anna Replay is the Community Manager of all our Social Media.
We want to promote you in our radio station, if you want to be part of our project, have your own rock radio show in our webcast, click on the button below!

Alter Hours Rock Radio Media Managers

Edu Navarro

Edu Navarro is co-founder of Alter Hours Foundation, he is main brain of this proyect. The coordinator of House and Rock Radio.

Berk Garcia

Berk Garcia is co-founder of Alter Hours Foundation, he is the second main brain of this project. Coordinator of Rock Radio and Rock events.

Angel San Juan

Angel San Juan is co-founder of Alter Hours Foundation, co-coordinator of Rock Radio, House Radio and Events.

Anna Replay

Anna Replay is our Comunity Manager and the contact person for future Rock and House events.

Anna Replay